Advice on menopause How to solve certain problems linked to this important phase in a woman's life with serenity and calm, using natural formulas. Brief guide to massages for babies Touching means putting a hand or another part of the body on someone or something, thus establishing a contact, lightly stroking or kneading; figuratively, touching means to move or to arouse an emotion. Touching means expressing love through all sensory organs. The shea butter The shea tree is tall trees, belonging to the family Saponacee, spread across a vast area south of the Sahara, between the French Guinea, Senegal, Chad and Côte d'Ivoire. Its botanical name is Butyrospermum parkii, in honor of Mungo Park, the Scottish explorer who lived at the end of the eighteenth century who first became known in Europe the qualities of shea butter. It can reach fifteen meters high and one meter in diameter and its appearance reminds me a little 'our oak, with dark green foliage and leaves clustered at the ends of the branches.

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 If you don't drink it, you always smell it... Through the cooperation of Sergio Scaglietti, famous car designer from Modena, and the Company named and owned after his nephew Simone, the new home fragrance collection UT OLET VINUM is born; Its aim is to let people discover the fragrances linked to the world of wines; starting from Lambrusco, typical local wine from Modena, and extending the olfactory rose to the most famous Italian wines.